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1. What are the benefits of using the Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ)?
The LOQ can help organizations match qualified learners with the right programs and solutions to improve academic achievement or productivity. It can help managers, educators, trainers, or other professionals plan, design, and develop solutions to enhance ROI, improve innovation, talent, globalization, leadership, and capability development, performance improvement programs, and resource use. It can also help mentors in building more effective teams in the achievement of common goals--a well-matched team achieves more than the sum of its parts.

The Role of Learning in Company Growth
"Organizations struggle to grow in todays difficult economic environment. Approximately 60 percent of CEOs believe the major barriers to change are limited internal skills, capabilities and leadership to manage to and respond to these economic challenges. As a result, 75 percent of senior executives believe that employee education will become a critical success factor to realizing the growth agenda." -- Learning How to GrowAligning, Managing and Measuring Learning to Enable Growth by IBM Global Business Services.

The LOQ helps our clients remove the barriers to learning. Helping learners self-assess and understand and improve learning skills, helps our clients avoid costly mistakes. Well-informed learners make better choices for their individual needs. Research shows that the best learning occurs when programs are appropriately matched to student and teaching needs. Effective education, leadership, and team building practices show that assessment is an effective way to predict performance and prepare learners and teams for more successful achievement and performance.

2. What is the difference between the LOQ and other learning assessments?
The LOQ assesses the degree to which we like to learn and then willingly use our emotions and abilities to develop and commit strategic effort to set and achieve goals to learn and perform successfully. In contrast to other instruments designed to evaluate behavior or personality (e.g., those based upon Jungian Psychology), the LOQ especially considers affective and conative factors that considerably influence learning. The LOQ is better able to predict how individuals are willing, wanting, and ready to learn.

3. What are Learning Orientations?
Learning Orientations identify distinct characteristics or aggregate learning patterns for four distinct learning groups, including Transforming, Performing, Conforming, and Resistant learners. They describe how we want and intend to learn, interpret, and understand the world around us. Each person's unique way of developing their brain results in individual differences in learning. Learning orientations are based on the key psychological constructs that are influenced by such things as environment, experiences, genetics, and social interactions, and timing.

4. What are the research foundations for the Learning Orientation Questionnaire?
The theoretical basis for the Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ) is the
Learning Orientation Model (Martinez, 1996) which considers the interaction between key psychological factors, including affective (emotions), conative (will), social (community), and cognitive (thinking) factors. The neurosciences are helping us be more precise about understanding the factors that guide our individual ability to learn, perform, and use our brains differently.

5. What are the research foundations for the Learning Orientation Research?
The Learning Orientation Research reveals the dominant power of emotions and intentions on guiding and managing cognitive processes (no longer demoted to a secondary role). It is in understanding the structure and nature of the complex relationships between learning orientations and learning interactions find for each individual the treatment to which he or she can most easily learn, enabling us to design solutions, not to fit the average person, but to fit groups of students with particular learning patterns.

6. Is the LOQ a valid and reliable instrument?
The Learning Orientation Questionnaire has been developed over a ten-year period using standard psychometric protocols culminating in a variety of analyses. Reliabilty was assessed via test-retest and internal consistency methods and validity through content, construct, and predictive methods. Additional validation evidence appears in the
LOQ Interpretation Manual.

7. What do I get when I purchase a Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ) license?

  • Each person receives an access code and should access the Learning Orientation Questionnaire at:
  • On the Log In page, sign up as a new user using this hyperlink: "New user? Click here to sign up."
  • Complete the LOQ registration form. You will need to enter the Access Code that you have been given in the right-hand corner of the registration form.
  • Once you complete the registration form, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • After reading the directions which appear, you can begin taking the LOQ. This survey has 25 items. Survey results will appear on the last page. On the Results page, you will find LOQ scores that identify your learning orientation. Click on your Learning Orientation link to read Interpretations. You will also find helpful strategies (matching your learning orientation) and tutorials for improving learning ability and memory skills.
  • For a copy of your LOQ results, you can click on the Send Email button at the bottom of the Results page.

    8. I have completed the LOQ, now what?
    Completing the LOQ is only the first step in the process. LOQ provides customized solutions and specialists to interpret, apply, and help develop learning, teaching, and community models and strategies to foster successful learning and competitive learning advantage.

    For example, Learning Orientation improvement strategies are available at:

    As another example, the LOQ is useful in building and managing effective teams. Read more about Teams at:

    More interpretation information appears at: click here

    9. What can the Learning Orientation Questionnaire provide to my organization?
    We have specialists available to fill your specific organizational needs. From keynote presentations, assessments, and workshops to long-term consulting, we can customize solutions to meet any requests. We will help you design an online orientation course for students new to online learning. Research demonstrates that there is a need for training online learners before they commit to the online learning experience. Some learners may have difficulty in the areas of online learning ability, time commitment, and time management. Our instructional design team make recommendations about the appropriate design, development and implementation of a comprehensive orientation for online learning. Our goal is to help you foster students' online learning success with training to enhance their learnig ability.

    10. How can I use the LOQ to improve my learning ability?
    What does it take to succeed as an online learner? What does it take to get an online degree? To be successful, online students must have basic knowledge about their ability, commitment and readiness to learn. Self-assessment offers learners opportunities for increased involvement, greater acceptance of the learning process, and alignment with expectations. Self-assessment can provide substantial benefits to learners by increasing the learner's understanding and engagement in the learning process. More? click here... More successful learning strategies appear at: click here.

    11. What is available at the LOQ website?
    You can take the LOQ on-line and have the results electronically tabulated, validated, interpretated and emailed. Once viewed, you can print the accompanying narrative analysis of scores and strategies for successful learning and improvement strategies.

    12. How much does the LOQ cost?

    13. Are there any training sessions I can attend to learn more about learning orientations and improving learning ability?
    Due to popular demand from attendees of Training Place seminars and workshops at leading e-learning industry events, the following one or two day Training Place workshops are available as on-site workshops when you have a minimum of 10 attendees:

    14. Is the LOQ available for research purposes?
    Yes, the Learning Orientation (LOQ) is available for university research for free. For information about using the LOQ for university research, please see site at Also, faculty or students may receive written permission to use the LOQ by writing to or calling 520.877.3991.


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