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  Transforming Learners ....are generally highly motivated, passionate, often persistent even in the face of failure, and highly committed learners. They most often:
  • place great importance on learning ability, committed effort, independence, holistic vision, and intrinsic resources.
  • use personal inner strength, inquiry, ability, reflection, persistence, challenging strategies, high-standards, learning efficacy, and positive expectations to self-direct learning successfully.
  • lose motivation and may become frustrated or resistant in environments or conditions that mismatch their assertive learning needs.
  • learned to like learning early in life.
  • enjoy change, transformation, innovation and creativity
    CONTRASTS: In contrast to other orientations, Transforming Learners are holistic thinkers that know that they can commit great amounts of learning effort and use short-term goals as steps to accomplish important, long-term, transformational goals. They seldom solely rely on deadlines, structured environments, normative performance standards, expected social or instructional compliance, extrinisic rewards, or others for learning efficacy or self-motivation. They rely on themselves to learn and use it as a valuable resource to innovate.


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