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Our Customers Say it Best!

Here are many kind comments sent to us by our customers. We always look forward to serving our customers.

"The LOQ, as it is developed and implemented by Dr. Margaret Martinez, is a measurement instrument for educational researchers. The data gathered with LOQ can be used to test hypotheses and address desirable changes in a broad educational domain: as general as, for example, the transition from teaching to learning paradigm, and as specific as improving an individual's study skills. Also, the LOQ is a tool with which the researcher can:

  • gather data about individual or group learning preferences;
  • trace the changes in students’ learning independence over the time or with the age;
  • measure the results of different teaching method on students’ learning beliefs and learning skills;
  • measure the effect of the entire educational system on students’ learning independence and self-directed learning;
  • address emotional and effective learning outcomes as educational goals and objectives;
  • prepare students for online education."

Temenoujka Fuller, Ph.D.
Educational Support Specialist, Central Arizona College

"LOQ scores suggests that (a) students will complete 11 online degrees sooner if they set aside sufficient time each week to pursue their studies and (b) students who are high performing and transforming have a better chance of succeeding in an online degree." Factors for Success: Characteristics of graduates in an online program

"Understanding students' learning orientations has made mentoring more effective" An In-Depth Look at Strategies for Mentoring Online Adult Learners

Vince Shrader, Ph.D. Mentor/Program Coordinator, et al.
Western Governors University (

"At the beginning of the Fall 2004 semester, students took the Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ), a 25-item online survey that identifies an individual’s orientation to learn. The students were a fairly typical set of university students (most of them were performing or conforming – with one resistant student who actually (with encouragement) turned out to be one of the best students in the class). From previous experience, the professor realized that she was really teaching her course too much at the “intuitive” level and that her students were not comprehending or doing well on her big-picture, complex, project-level assignments. We decided that she should cater a bit more to the “performing” students and see if she could encourage them to think a bit more out-of-the-box. " Results? ...

Mindy Colin, Instructional Technology Analyst
Loyola Marymount University (

"Grades from the 10-question quiz significantly correlated with student learning orientation. Four significant positive correlations were found: LOQ with stress arousal checklist (p=.02)LOQ/effort with the SACL/arousal scale, LOQ/autonomy with SACL/stress, and LOQ/conative with SACL/arousal. The latter was the most significant correlation (p= .01).... Learning orientation research indicates the ability to predict grades in web based courses so stress levels should correlate with orientation. Findings suggest learning orientation may relate to how the student felt emotionally and physically."

The Stress of Online Learning: An Experiment

Deanna Molinari, Ph.D., Director: Rural Nurse Internship
Washington State University (

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