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We’re helping our clients achieve their performance and business objectives by introducing proven learning solutions with:

q       Personalized Intentional Learning

q       Strategic Planning, Needs, Job, and Performance Analysis

q       Learning Orientation Research and Assessment

q       Adaptive Learning Management, Knowledge Management, and Content Management Systems

q       Full Consulting and Performance Measurement Services




Business Needs Training With More

than a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

It is simply not enough to expect learners to succeed with “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Research shows that personalized solutions that can match an individual's ability to learn and stay competitive are more powerful.  Stimulating the power of emotions and intentions and engaging learners is a key aspect of our success.  We customize solutions and match individual needs when and where it matters.  Our goal is to empower learners to be more self-motivated, self-directed, and independent, helping your employees and students learn more efficiently.


Today's Learning Challenge


Today's business rules and needs are drastically changing.  The real challenge is not simply learning, but continually learning more successfully.  Our innovative learning solutions remove traditional barriers to learning (e.g., high costs, frustration, and demotivation).  We know that it takes personal recognition, convenience, communication, and a sense of community and empowerment to make learning really work on the Web.  If people are individually encouraged and reinforced by the training to feel that they have achieved and gained useful skills, then they feel empowered.  Empowered employees help companies become more aggressive, efficient, and productive.


Most training programs fail to meet today's learning challenge because there is no consistent, measurable foundation or process that motivates employees, especially one that considers the impact of emotions and intentions on learning.  The traditional learning style perspectives are incomplete and fuzzy when applied against today's competitive business needs, market requirements, and global demographics. We use the power of emotions to influence learning success.


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Personalized Learning Solutions


We offer the Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ) to assess online learning ability. It is a 25-item online survey that identifies an individual’s orientation to learn by looking at the dominant psychological factors that influence learning differences.  These factors consider the learner’s emotional investment in learning, strategic self-directedness, and learning independence.  You can find additional product info at:


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We’ll provide a customized strategic plan and cost models for implementing your innovative e-learning solutions.

We also provide research and measurement services.


The Training Place

The Training Place

Our company was founded to help you deliver personalized training with a special consideration of the impact of emotions, intentions, and social relationships on learning. 


We understand the individual differences in learning, memory and performance and provide the personalized learning solutions to help your employees and students learn more successfully.



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