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Why Intentional Learning?

Intentional Learning is understanding fundamental learner differences, listening and responding to real-time learning needs, and predicting and measuring instructional outcomes against academic or business requirements.

This is a priority in establishing a good online learning relationship that supports innovation and a continuous thread of successful learning episodes.

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Who We Are

The Training Place (TTP), a minority-owned company, provides learning assessment, research, and services for improving training, orientation, design, performance and business opportunities. Our focus is helping our clients provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that continually keep a competitive, global workforce achieving peak performance. We work hard to help clients attract, manage, and nurture our greatest asset—people! Our strengths are helping clients (in the U.S. and 10 countries worldwide) recognize the importance of involving students and teachers in the learning and assessment process to build confidence and maximize student achievement. Our company was founded to address the lack of sophisticated training and learning solutions via the Web, specifically the lack of solutions addressing the fact that humans are emotional and they want and expect to learn differently. We call the key individual differences in how humans learn "learning orientations.

Our company was founded in 1999 to address the fact that too few instructional models consider the impact of emotions on learning. Many teaching and learning models, developed in the Industrial Age, are obsolete for today’s more sophisticated need for educated, innovative knowledge workers that can make decisions or think critically. Too many models are passive, one-size-fits-all and do not support active or performance-based continual learning. New models need to help students tap into and master emotions to support the intentional learning process and achieve true potential, which is key for innovation. The old models encourage memorization, rule-based learning, and sage-on-the-stage instruction. A better approach is to use assessment that taps into emotions to fuel motivation, persistence, innovation, and achievement.

CEO, Training Place, Inc.

Dr. Margaret Martinez has worked on educational measurement research, instructional design, learning, and technology for 20 years.
She was previously the Worldwide Director of Training & Certification at WordPerfect Corporation. She is nationally recognized for her learning orientation research, publishes regularly, presents at national conferences, and presents seminars and workshops. More information?

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