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online learning orientation
Online Learning Orientation Programs for New Students
strategic planning
Strategic Analysis & Planning
Custom Course Development
Learning Orientation Seminars
Learning Orientation Seminars
Learning Orientation Diagnostics
Learning Orientation Diagnostics
Bullet Test Design, Test Development, and Certification

Online Learning Orientation Programs for New Students

We will help you design an online learning orientation course for students new to online or distance learning. Research demonstrates that there is a need for training online or distance learners before they commit to the a new learning experience. Some learners may have difficulty in the areas of online or distance learning ability, time commitment, and time management. Our instructional design team make recommendations about the appropriate design, development and implementation of a comprehensive orientation for online learning. Our goal is to help you foster students online or distance learning success with training to enhance their learnig ability.

Strategic Analysis and Planning

The Training Place helps you with your beginning efforts to understand e-learning and decide how to plan and implement your e-learning projects (strategically and efficiently). Our objective is to help you translate your e-Learning Needs Analysis into a strategic action plan that proposes strategies, services, products, individual projects, costs, and timelines. You can use your plan to develop and implement a successful training and performance solution. We will help you ensure that you are ready to train an innovative, competitive workforce with systemic change, innovation, and sustainability.

Custom Course Development

The Training Place's Instructional Design Services Group (IDSG) has the practical development experience and know-how to help you prepare a course for optimal delivery online. The director of our IDSG is an award winning researcher and recognized thought leader in the fields of intentional learning and mass customization.

The Training Place, building upon these theoretical foundations, is leading the industry's shift from "one-size-fits-all" online learning programs toward the development and delivery of adaptive learning programs. This whole-person methodology uses learning orientations and real-time technology to recognize key learner differences and personalize each individuals learning experience.

Learning Orientation Seminars

It is not enough today to simply develop instructional solutions for the masses. Developers must build and deliver personalized solutions that support successful learners who are continually able to adapt to today's challenging learning and performance environment.

These seminars are specifically designed to help participants understand why some learners are more successful than others, introduce new learner-oriented methodologies, and describe ways to alter and manage solutions so that professionals can create supportive solutions and interactive environments for successful learning.

Consider the following workshops to help improve learning ability:
1. Teaching and Designing for Maximum Motivation and Interactivity
2. Adaptive Learning: Teaching and Designing to Personalize Learning.

Also, see our Events & Conferences listing for a schedule of The Training Place's upcoming public presentations.

Learning Orientation Diagnostics

It is important to know how prepared your workforce is to learn. To continue the ongoing process for professional development and skill development, these diagnostic services can help you predict and access learning performance.

The results provide scores that are unique indicators of the individual's approach to learning and describe attributes for learning success. Results also offer explanations for individual differences in learning and performance, including roles, styles, expectations, beliefs, preferences, strategies, skills, values, and approaches.

Test Design, Test Development, and Certification

We help you with your certification programs and help you develop both traditional knowledge exams and performance-oriented exams. Our specialists are experts in traditional item and exam analysis, as well as newer item response theory based analyses. We have a partnership with Alpine Testing Solutions (well-known psychometric services) to help us meet your performance measurement, testing, and certification needs.

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