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Enhance Your Learning Agility Workshop

Are you interested in improving your online learning agility and extending your knowledge in the ever-changing world of online learning or distance education. Today's challenge is for you, the online learner, to identify which elements in an online learning solution provide the best payoff for your personal learning needs. Your task is four fold. You need to determine which environmental factors, type of instructional presentation, and level of social interaction best match and support your interests, values, expectations and other learning requirements. Moreover, you need to define which elements will help you increasingly improve your ability (over time) for more successful online learning. Click here for more information.

Student Orientation Programs for Online or Distance Learners

We will help you design an online orientation course for students new to online learning. Research demonstrates that there is a need for training online learners before they commit to the online learning experience. Some learners may have difficulty in the areas of online learning ability, time commitment, and time management. Our instructional design team make recommendations about the appropriate design, development and implementation of a comprehensive orientation for online learning. Our goal is to help you foster student online learning success with training to enhance their learning ability.

Popular E-Learning Workshops

Due to popular demand from attendees of The Training Place, Inc. seminars and workshops at leading e-learning industry events, the following one-day workshops are available as on-site workshops when you have a minimum of 6 attendees.

Learning Orientations Research

In the study of individual learning differences, too many investigators are ignoring the complete set of higher-order psychological factors in their constructs, theories, and solutions. They are especially omitting the more dominant conative, affective, and social factors in the explanations that describe how individuals individually approach learning and performance.

"Learning Orientation" is a new perspective that integrates the recent advances in the neurosciences (biological perspective) with the higher-order psychological dimension. This perspective differentiates learning audiences to guide analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning environments and instructional solutions. Understanding the impact of learning orientations allows us to understand how to create more successful learning environments for online learners.

Read more about the research...

WBTOLL Listserv

An e-mail discussion listserv with 2000+ members discussing everyday topics in web based training, e-learning, and online learning.

WBTOLL-L Information | WBTOLL-L Archives

Includes information on subscribing, unsubscribing, setting receipt of the messages to digest, and more.

Adaptive Learning Listserv

An e-mail listserv for discussions about Adaptive Learning Systems. This is an open list, anyone can subscribe. Adaptive Learning Systems (ALS) address the fact that individuals learn differently by adapting the presentation of learning content to meet the varying needs and learning preferences of different individual learners.

The Adaptive Learning Discussion List page includes information on subscribing, unsubscribing, reading messages via the Web and more.

The E-Learning Source Vendor List

A complete list of vendors offering E-Learning solutions. Find vendors offering:

  • Assessment
  • Soft Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Learning Management, Content Management, & Knowledge Management Systems (LMS, LCMS, KMS)
  • Development Tools
  • Asynchronous Solutions
  • Synchronous Solutions
  • Universities Offering E-Learning and Web Programs
  • And more...

Recommended Books

Click here for a list of recommended books

Recommended Education Reports, Statistics, and Resources

Click here Reports, statistics, and other resources are linked from this single page. Included are links to annual government reports and data on demographics of students, faculty and staff, costs, funds, and many more collected facts and surveys.

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