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Why Intentional Learning?

TTP's innovative personalized solutions leverage award winning intentional learning research to maximize use of technology and provide a solid theoretical foundation for delivering effective online training. Stimulating the power of emotions and intentions and nurturing long-term learning relationships online is a key part of our instructional philosophy.

About Us

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Benefits That We Deliver

TTP has significant experience in strengthening initiatives to personalize learning, implement adaptive learning technologies, and learning and performance measurement. We are well-positioned to provide research and evaluation, technical assistance, program development, contract administration and program management.

Global companies are increasingly recognizing the value of providing learning opportunities to their workforce to remain competitive. The one thing these companies cannot do is find training solutions that are effectively personalized for employees or students in different locations, in different jobs, for different learning orientations. This is due to the fact that nearly all of today's training is delivered as if all people learned things the same way (the "one size fits all" mentality). Many benefits of personalized e-learning can be extended:

Bullet Increased Employee Productivity, Student Achievement, or ROI
Greater Learner Persistence, Completion Rates, & Satisfaction
The Right Content Design & Delivery Format
Improved Independent Learning and Problem Solving Ability
Flexibility, Consistency, & Open Standards

The Results

The Company's intentional learning sollutions allow clients to improve student or employee performance measurably through the enhanced quality and personalization of training and attention to measurable performance objectives. This is accomplished by addressing learning differences of each individual user and tracking and measuring performance. Personalized training provides a higher return on a training investment as more users learn successfully through content that is presented to match their learning orientation and instructional progress. Secondary benefits include the ability to measure improved learning ability and to create increasingly independent, self-managing learners.

Our results focus on:

  1. Aligning Training with Business Goals and Performance Objectives
  2. Assessing the Effectiveness of Training
  3. Enhancing the Corporate Culture Regarding Learning and Change Management
  4. Developing Long-Term e-Learning Relationships

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