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Why Intentional Learning?

As learners leave the classroom for facilitated online learning, the instructional methodologies, personalization technologies, and collaborative intentional learning enviroments need to become more sophisticated in how they adapt to and support individual differences.

Today intentional learning solutions are developing quickly and offering increasingly sophisticated methods to give learners what they want.

Intentional Learning empowers businesses to implement mass customized and personalized e-learning programs that match individual learning needs, measure performance outcomes, improve learning ability, and increase returns on investment.


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What We Do

The Training Place's services help learners learn and perform better. We are devoted to helping learners improve learning ability, especially online. We are passionate about building the best blended learning solutions that custom-fit your learning needs and enhance your business or organizational success.

TTP pays attention to the human aspects of learning and puts this into the design of every product. We've pioneered the use of intentional learning and are offering these theories of individual differences and intentional learning to create personalized innovations for your learners. For example, we apply the intentional Learning Model and Learning and Performance Framework to plan and personalize outcome-based e-learning with compelling results. Our Intentional Learning solutions will help you author content, manage courses, users, and progress, and deliver e-learning solutions. We help you start small and build as your learning needs evolve over time. We challenge ourselves everyday to build personalized solutions that make your learners enjoy the experience so much that they want to learn--all the time!

Individual Differences in Learning and Usability Research… TTP is leading the industry's shift from "one-size-fits-all" online learning programs towards the development and delivery of personalized, adaptive learning, testing, and mentoring programs. This whole-person methodology uses assessment, learning orientations, and technology to recognize key learner differences in the learning experience.

Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ)…It is important to know how prepared and able your employees and students are to learn. The LOQ is an assessment tool to measure learning ability and readiness to learn. It provides scores that are unique indicators of the individual's disposition to learn and describe attributes for learning success and attrition reduction. Scores offer explanations for individual differences in learning and performance, including expectations, preferences, strategies, skills, and values. Designers can use the scores to guide use of instructional and assessment strategies. Educators can use the scores to design interventions and help individuals improve learning strategies.

Learner Profiling and Performance Tracking… TTP collects information about the learner (individual or groups of learners) to define a specification that can be used to integrate the profile with a learning management system. The profile uses the data to track performance and progress and prescribe targeted intervention to deliver individualized learning. The specification considers core structures such as: activities; competencies; goals; identifications; interests; qualifications, environments, and relationships.

Test Design and Test Development… We help you with your assessment programs and help you develop both traditional knowledge exams and performance-oriented exams. We have a partnership with Alpine Testing Solutions (well-known for psychometric services) to help with specification and framework development, performance measurement, testing, tracking, and education, licensure, and certification needs. Our specialists are experts in traditional item and exam analysis, as well as newer item response theory based analyses. Using powerful assessments and personalization tools, professionals can create value for the organization by matching educational and job tasks, work settings, professional development programs, and rewards to identified needs and requirements.

Strategic Analysis and Planning and Project Management… We help clients understand learning and assessment. We offer planning, integration, and implementation services that help clients analyze, plan, automate, implement, and manage critical goals, relationships, and processes. We challenge ourselves everyday to build innovative solutions that benefit student achievement and help students enjoy the experience—so much that they will want to learn, all the time!

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