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The WBTOLL-L Discussion List

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Welcome to the Web Based Training/Online Learning Listserv (WBTOLL-L). This discussion list was founded in February 1998 to fill the need for an online discussion group that offered daily exchanges related to the development of Web-Based training and e-learning programs.

This list will serve as a discussion area for developers, training managers, educators, students and others who are using (or considering) online mediums in the delivery of training and learning programs. WBTOLL-L is an open list, anyone can subscribe to it. Scroll down for helpful usage information about the WBTOLL listserv.


To subscribe, send an e-mail message to with the command:

sub WBTOLL-L Firstname Lastname

in the body of the message, with your name in place of Firstname Lastname.

In order to defeat hackers the WBTOLL-L list makes use of the listserv "confirm" command. After you send a subscribe message the listserv will send you a message asking for confirmation within 48 hours. Please follow the instructions in the confirmation message to ensure that you are subscribed to the list. If you have any problems at all, please e-mail the list manager.

Setting Receipt of Messages to Digest

Once you have subscribed, if you wish to receive a daily digest of messages sent to the WBTOLL-L list (instead of individual messages), send an e-mail message to with the command:


in the body of the message. You must be subscribed to the list before you can set receipt of the daily messages to digest.


To unsubscribe, send an e-mail message to with the command:

signoff WBTOLL-L

in the body of the message.

Sending a Message

To send a message to the list, send it to:

You must be subscribed to the list in order to send messages.

WBTOLL-L List Spam Policy

Spam will not be tolerated on the WBTOLL-L list. Anyone who spams the list with unrelated solicitations, get rich quick schemes, hot deals, and other infamous types of spam will be immediately deleted from the list. Consider this a first warning, send spam and you will be deleted quietly, without further notification.

More Helpful Information

WBTOLL-L subscriptions are filtered. That is, subscribers and host sites from which "bounced" WBTOLL-L postings are returned, are removed from the list. Messages bounce for a number of reasons: the user account was deleted from a host machine, the user's mailbox is full, etc... Please unsubscribe if you know your account somewhere will be deleted (i.e. you change jobs, graduate from school, etc.).

This list is not censored for content so please be courteous when posting to the list. If you have a question about the validity of a posting, please address it to the individual, not the list. Firing off an unsubstantiated critique of a person or idea without first checking out all the details will likely cause unnecessary duress for the parties involved.

This list is provided as a service to the web based training and online learning community. It is run off of a server graciously provided by the School of Business and Public Management's Office of Graduate Programs at The George Washington University.

WBTOLL-L was founded by Russ Williams in 1998. He resigned as list manager in 2005. Margaret Martinez now serves as the list manager. Got Questions? Send them via e-mail to the list manager, at We reserve the right to alter the list policy at any time.

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