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Adaptive Learning Systems (ALS) Discussion List

Welcome to the Adaptive Learning Systems Listserv (ALS). This discussion list was started to provide the training, learning, and education communities with an online discussion group that offers the opportunity for frequent exchanges related to the development of adaptive learning systems. The Adaptive Learning Systems List is an open list, e.g. anyone can subscribe to it.

Current online learning technology and courseware present content in a static manner as though all individuals learned in the same way. This "one-size-fits-all" approach is recognized as an inefficient way of delivering training and learning programs online.

Adaptive Learning Systems (ALS) address the fact that individuals learn differently by adapting the presentation of learning content to meet the varying needs and learning preferences of different individual learners.

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The ALS discussion list is hosted by Topica which offers numerous Web based options for simplifying your discussion list participation. Topica offers subscribers web-based posting, reading, and searchable message archives. ALS subscribers will be able to take advantage of these useful Web based features while enjoying the benefits of a listserv community.

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