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Philosophy - the study of the principles underlying conduct, thought, and the nature of the universe; general principles of a field of knowledge; a particular system of ethics (Webster's dictionary)

The Training Place is motivated by our committment to ensuring equal access to computing resources for everyone.

The Training Place demonstrates this committment through our involvement and support of the Washington Math Science Technology public charter high school, an charter high school designed to improve the preparation of inner city youth for careers in math, science and technology.

The Training Place also supports an on-line Training & Management bookstore, in association with The Training Place donates 50% of the bookstore's commissions to charity.

The Training Place believes in the development of a workplace which is challenging, rewarding, and fun. We practice this philosophy, encouraging our employees to get involved with our local schools and community, providing them opportunities every year to participate in giving something back.

We believe that an integral part of our business is helping the community around us. We are blessed with the opportunities and resources available to us, and we believe that we must take advantage of our position to help those without these opportunities.

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