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20 Classic Management Books
Christopher Argyris
Knowledge for Action

Chester Barnard
The Functions of the Executive

C. Bartlett & S. Ghoshal
Managing Across Borders

Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus
Leaders: Strategies...

Peter Drucker
The Practice of Management

Richard Farson
Management of the Absurd: Paradoxes in Leadership

Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad
Competing for the Future

Jerry Harvey
The Abilene Paradox

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
The Change Masters

Tracy Kidder
The Soul of a New Machine

Douglas McGregor
The Human Side of Enterprise

Henry Mintzberg
Mintzberg on Management

Kenichi Ohmae
The Social Psychology of Organizing

Tom Peters
Thriving on Chaos

Michael Porter
Competitive Strategy

James Brian Quinn
Intelligent Enterprise

Everett M. Rogers
Diffusion of Innovations

Peter M. Senge
The Fifth Discipline

Dr. Suess
Oh, the Places You'll Go

Karl Wieck
The Social Psychology of Organizing

20 Classic Training Books

Leslie Bendaly
Games Trainers Play

Bloom, Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
Handbook 1: Cognitive Domain
Handbook 2: Affective Domain

Broad & Newstrom
Tranfer of Training: Action Packed Strategies...

Tom Gilbert
Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance

I.L. Goldstein
Training in Organizations: Need assessment...

Janet O. Hagberg & Richard J. Leider
The Inventurers

Donald L. Kirkpatrick
Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels.

Malcom Knowles
The Adult Learner

Dugan Laird
Approaches to Training & Development

Manuel London
Managing the Training Enterprise

Robert Mager
Preparing Instructional Objectives

Carolyn Nilson
Team Games for Trainers

B. O'Conner, M. Bronner & C. Delaney
Training for Organizations

Bob Pike
Creative Training Techniques

Bob Powers
Instructor Excellence

James and Dana Gaines Robinson
Performance Consulting

A.J. Romiszowski
The selection and use of Instructional Media

Mel Silberman
Active Training: 101 Strategies...

Svenson & Rinder
The Training & Development Strategic Plan Workbook

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