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Popular Management Books

Peter Senge
The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook - From the bestselling author of The Fifth Discipline and his colleagues comes a step-by-step guide on how to build a learning organization in your own company. This participative book offers tools, techniques, exercises, ideas and stories to help put Senge's revolutionary theories into practice.

Everitt Rogers
Communication in Organizations

Michael Porter
The Competitive Advantage of Nations - Based on his in-depth analysis of over one-hundred leading manufacturing and service industries in ten nations, Michael Porter (Competitive Strategy, Competitive Advantage) now formulates a brilliant new theory of how and why some nations compete more effectively in international markets than others.

Tom Peters
A Passion for Excellence

Peter Drucker
The Effective Executive - The five skills essential to business effectiveness, imaginatively and authoritatively argued by the "founding father of the science of management." - L.A. Times

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Frontiers of Management - "One of the thirty best business books of 1997." --Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Peter Drucker
Managing for the Future - America's pre-eminent management authority shows executives many new ways of winning the global business game in the 1990s and beyond. Drucker explores such topics as the new cost-savings revolution in retailing, the urgent requirement for each company to have a "theory of business" and the need for executives to routinely seek new kinds of business and market information that today's technology provides.

Popular Training Books

Ed Scannell, Carolyn Nilson, John Newstrom
The Complete Games Trainers Play (Vol. 2) - A large compendium of training games from some of the leading authors on the subject.

Marlene Caroselli
Quality Games for Trainers : 101 Playful Lessons in Quality and Continuous Improvement.

Dr. Robert Epstein
Creativity Games for Trainers - A Handbook of Group Activities for Jumpstarting Workplace Creativity.

Badrul Kahn
Web Based Instruction - This comprehensive volume, containing the work of almost one hundred authors, in 59 chapters, offers the most thorough examination publised to date on the implications of using the Web for learning at all education levels. The chapters cover analysis, design, development, evaluation, policy issues, and other areas of this complex subject.

Robert Mager
How to Turn Learners On...Without Turning Them Off - Robert Mager's How to Turn Learners On...without turning them off gives you the power to increase student motivation and develop these positive attitudes in your learners. You'll learn to minimize actions that result in negative attitudes toward a subject, (i.e. derogatory or highly critical feedback on performance); maximize actions that make students enjoy learning, (i.e. celebrating successes in learning); and model the performances you want to result from instruction so students can learn by example.

Lawrence Munson
How to Conduct Training Seminars, A Complete Reference Guide for Training Managers and Professionals.

Carolyn Nilson
How to Manage Training: A Guide to Design and Delivery for High Performance - Presented in a handy looseleaf format, How to Manage Training covers every detail of setting up and running high-quality, high-results training programs.

James Cortada & John Woods
The Training and Performance Yearbook 1998
Read an interview with author John Woods or read an interview with James Cortada at Amazon.

Tina Rasmussen
The ASTD Trainer's Sourcebook - Diversity - A valuable resource on creating your own diversity training program.

Leslie Kelly
The ASTD Technical & Skills Training Handbook - A handbook for technical trainers, covering procedures for them to use when teaching technical skills to employees new to a technology. It focuses on such considerations as designing and delivering cost- effective programs, recruiting and training a staff, handling the legal issues involved, assessing facility and equipment needs, and designing state-of-the-art training laboratories and skilled trades programs. It also reports on two overseas high-tech start-ups and describes the installation of a Total Quality Management Program in a manufacturing environment. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Carl Harshman & Steve Phillips
Team Training - From Startup to High Performance.

Kimball Fisher, Steven Rayner, William Belgard
Tips for Teams: A Ready Reference for Solving Common Team Problems

Kimball Fisher
Leading Self-Directed Work Teams: A Guide to Developing New Team Leadership Skills

Manuel London (ed.)
Employees, Careers, and Job Creation: Developing Growth-Oriented Human Resource Strategies and Programs - In this new volume of the Professional Practice Series - the first to be published by Jossey-Bass - Manuel London brings together a group of research and practice experts to show how such leading companies as AT&T have responded to demands for change with programs that enhance career opportunities for individuals and stimulate organizational growth.

Michael Lawlor & Peter Handley
The Creative Trainer: Holistic Facilitation Skills for Accelerated Learning

Dennis Kinlaw
Handbook of Management Training Activities: 50 One Hour Designs

C. Leslie Charles & Chris Clarke-Epstein
The Instant Trainer: Quick Tips on How to Teach Others What You Know

Ed Rose
Presenting and Training With Magic: 50 Simple Magic Tricks You Can Use to Energize Any Audience - In this heavily illustrated book, corporate training manager and magician Ed Rose explains 50 of the most effective and easiest-to-perform magic tricks for emphasizing and illustrating key learning points in any presentation. Within no time, you'll be adding magic to your training courses--and getting enthusiastic applause plus greater energy and participation.

Robert Mager
What Every Manager Should Know About Training: Or I've Got a Training Problem and Other Odd Ideas

Milton Rock & Lance Berger
The Compensation Handbook - A State of the Art Guide to Compensation Strategy and Design.

Phil Lowe
Presentation Skills - The McGraw Hill One-Day Workshop.

Roy W. Poe
Handbook of Business Letters - Bigger and better than ever, this new edition of The McGraw-Hill Handbook of Business Letters packs more than 300 ready-to-use business letters and memos. Poe includes sample letters which supply the language, tone, and style; users supply the details, signature, and envelope

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