Web Based Training Online Learning '99

A Virtual Conference on the World Wide Web

February 8-12, 1999

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Welcome to the home page for the Web Based Training Online Learning '99 (WBTOLL '99) virtual conference. This unique online event will take place February 8-12, 1999 on the World Wide Web.

The WBTOLL '99 Virtual Conference keynote speakers and workshop facilitators are all invited experts. WBTOLL '99 is a leading online forum for managers, developers, educators, trainers, and students interested in better understanding Web Based Training and Online Learning development. WBTOLL '99 is also a valuable forum for organizations looking to improve their employee development efforts through the use of WBTOLL programs.

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Workshops are areas where WBTOLL discussion topics are facilitated by your peers. The workshop facilitators are experienced hands on practitioners who will lead the discussions. As of December 7th, 1998, the following workshops are scheduled:

*Use this area to discuss and/or ask questions on topics and issues not addressed in the keynotes or workshops.


The keynotes will begin at 12:00 Noon (EST) on the first day they are scheduled.

Monday - Wednesday (8th-10th) - Kord Kutchins, Director of Learning Technologies, Visual Services Inc. - "A Learning Blueprint for Management Development Using a Web-Based Delivery Approach at EMC Corporation"

EMC University was chartered to develop and implement a comprehensive management development curriculum for all managers worldwide and on-demand by Q3 of 1998. In meeting the business requirements, EMC University crafted a "learning blueprint" strategy based on competencies for all upper/middle managers and first line/supervisors at EMC.

The purpose of this keynote will be to examine some of the issues surrounding EMC’s past failures which led to the new "learning blueprint' strategy and its implementation using EMC University’s web-based training delivery and registration systems. We will also discuss the justification, benefits and results of EMC’s web-based delivery of the management development program.

Tuesday - Thursday (9th-11th) - Dr. Brad Cox, Professor, George Mason University - "Plan for a New University"

Technology can extend traditional teacher/learner relationships beyond the space/time limitations of the brick and mortar classroom. And it can challenge and redefine how teachers and learners have related since antiquity.

Dr. Cox's keynote describes the evolution of a course in which traditional relationships have been and are being challenged, via internet and television, in pursuit of the elusive potential of a fully distributed global community of empowered learners.

Wednesday - Friday (10th-12th) - Greg Nichols, Canadian Forces Training Development Centre - "Learner Motivation and WBTOLL Strategies"

  • What attracts learners to WBT or OLL?
  • Are they self-motivated or externally directed?
  • Do they want to learn?
  • Or do they have to learn?

The answers to these questions could have a significant impact on the structure of the resultant courseware, the selected medium, and other design decisions. I'll attempt to address some of the important issues by examining current examples on the Web, and with the help of the conference participants, rationalize chosen design strategies with the apparent target audience profiles.

This online conference will include an Audio Keynote - We will offer one of the keynotes in both an audio & text format. Formal conference audio will be accessible via a recent version of the Real Networks RealPlayer G2 (it's free!).

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