Learning Orientation Questionnaire

The Learning Orientation Construct (LOC) | The Learning Orientations Model

The Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ) is a self-report, diagnostic instrument that aligns the successful learning theory with practical measures. The foundation of the Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ) is a agentive psychological three-factor representation called the learning orientation construct. Presently, the LOQ contains twenty-five items using a seven rating point Likert scale (1 = Not At All True of Me and 7 = Very True of Me) to measure the dimensions that underlie the Learning Orientation Construct.

Available in paper or electronic form, the instrument takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. It has been through several studies and field tested with 1000+ subjects internationally and several universities and corporations. Refined through a series of analytic studies, the LOQ isolates and measures three complex construct factors that influence successful learning: (1) conative/affective learning focus, (2) committed strategic planning and learning effort, and (3) learning independence or autonomy.A paper describing hypothesis, and instrument development, analysis, and instrument and construct refinement is available from the author. Ongoing factor analysis is providing further evidence ensuring the integrity of the construct and validity of the interpretations. One paper about the ongoing study is available on the Web. Martinez, M., Bunderson, C. V., & Wiley, D. (2000, April). "Verification in a design experiment context: Validity argument as design process." Symposium session at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.



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