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Conceptual Model for Successful Intentional Learning
Providing Criteria to Measure Progress, Predict Outcomes, and Improve Ability

This research uses the study of the brain to explain individual learning differences, intentional learning, and personalization from a highly conative and affective perspective. Neuroscience research identifies the dominant impact of brain activity in the brain's emotional center (limbic system). This research provides specific guidelines and strategies for supporting learners with more individualized solutions. Once a learner's approach and intentional learning ability are identified, more cost-effective solutions (subsets targeted for specific needs) can be adapted and individually presented to meet current learning ability, as well as foster improvement in the measurable domain of intentional learning ability (e.g., goal-setting, task sequencing, reflection, progress monitoring, etc.).

Much of the learning orientation research uses the neuroscience and biological foundations offered by these researchers and others:
1. James E. Zull (The Art of Changing the Brain
2. Joseph Ledoux (Synaptic Self)
3. Eric Kandel (Nobel Peace Prize winner)
4. Other brain related articles are available at:

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