"Why do it and what is it we do?"

Dr. Murray Turoff's Keynote

What are the motivations for the institution, the faculty and the administrators to move to sizable offerings of degree programs through the new forms of distance learning technology? How do the alternatives for delivery impact what it is we are delivering?

It is very much like the old story of the elephant and the blind men. Everyone see the evolution from a every different viewpoint. There is not only the universities and its interested parties but there is also the students and industry who are playing significant roles on fostering the changes taking place.

Dr. Turoff has some views on this topic expressed in a paper available on the Web. He welcomes questions and discussion about any of the relevant points he has made in that paper or any points that others feel have not been covered. The paper (The Force and the Darkside of Distance Education) may be found on his homepage: http://eies.njit.edu/~turoff/

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