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Day 1 Template


Time Topic Content Objective Method Screen Design Media Notes ParticipantsMaterials Script Prod Notes
5 Start                
10 Session Introduction   Explain how the course works Explain the Blended Learning Web Site Describe hyperlinks to available resources.   Notes: Questions about the site's available resources   Put up URL:
10 Interwise Introduction URL Explain how Interwise works Interwise’s Product demo via the Web archived demo   Notes: Questions concerning Demo   Put up URL:
10 Blended Learning URL Explain a definition and model One Web Page Conceptual model showing elements and processes.   Notes: Questions about the model.   Put up URL:
15 Personalization URL Explain a learning orientation foundation Eleven PPT slides     Notes: Questions about the research.   Put up PPT slides (ctwsurround.ppt)
5 Activities URL Practice/Experience 1 set of practice activities         Put up URL:
5 Template URL Review Review this template         Put up URL: